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2019. Gallery “BIG”, Dortmund, Germany

Time: 11 – 25 August 2019

Producers: City of Novi SadCultural Center of Novi SadKulturbüro der Stadt Dortmund and Union of Artists Dortmunder Gruppe.

Exhibition “Rock-paper scissors 2”, made by Art links, was presented in Dortmund as part of cultural exchange between twin cities Dortmund and Novi Sad.


The exhibition “Rock-Paper-Scissors 2” presents twelve artists from Novi Sad (Serbia) through their artworks on paper, from paper, complemented by use of rock or scissors: drawings, collage pieces, lithographies, objects, a video installation… The topic refers to the used material on the one hand, and on the other hand, it compares life and art with this well-known game, as well as with less entertaining and more complex phenomena such as: the issues of power, (in)justice, decision making in situations of crisis, factor of luck or presence of “force majeure” that sometimes takes precedence over skill and hard work, and generally provides a balance that is often disturbed but none other than ourselves. These problems are reflected in the artiworks by the following authors: Danijel Babić, Danica Bićanić, Maja Erdeljanin, Goran Despotovski, Jelena Đurić, Goran Jureša, Nebojša Lazić, Lazar Marković, Mileta Poštić, Monika Sigeti, Jelena Sredanović and Georg Vinokic.

The game “Rock-Paper-Scissors” is played in pairs; there are three symbols that the players form with their hands – a fist for rock, open-palmed hand for paper and two fingers extended for scissors. Each of the elements is stronger or weaker than the others. The luck factor or successful psychological assessment of the opponent affects the choice of the symbol that the players show. Due to its random character, it is often a method of choice for bringing unbiased decisions instead of tossing a coin or drawing straws.

The exhibition “Rock-Paper-Scissors” has been coproduced by the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad in cooperation with the artists association “Dortmunder Gruppe” from Dortmund in Germany, as part of art exchange program between twin cities of Novi Sad and Dortmund.